Policies for Use of The Wayside Inn Property (Unaffiliated Events)

  1. The Wayside Inn property is owned, operated, and maintained by The Wayside Inn Foundation. The Wayside Inn property may not be used by others for an organized activity of any kind without a prior written agreement with The Wayside Inn Foundation, as administered and enforced by the Innkeeper.
  2.  An “organized activity” is any arranged gathering of greater than 10 people, activity, or event that is planned to take place on Wayside Inn property that may be requested or arranged by another party, whether or not a fee is paid by the organizer to The Wayside Inn, or charged by the organizer to participants. This includes both “open to public” and private activities.
  3. Each organizer granted permission for an organized activity shall identify a primary contact person, and provide full contact details, who shall remain responsible for the activity, and shall have direct supervision of the activity through its conclusion.
  4. The Innkeeper shall establish a fee schedule for the use of Wayside Inn property taking into account the area to be used, number of participants, impact on the facilities, season, timing, site requirements/resources, and other appropriate considerations. Any applicable fees shall be paid in advance, and may include the payment of a deposit for purposes of securing the Wayside Inn against any property damage resulting from the event. The Innkeeper reserves the right to require a police detail or security for the activity which shall be at the organizer’s expense.
  5. The Innkeeper may establish hours of use, parking limitations, security, specifications for sanitary facilities, and other such rules and regulations, for any organized activity on a case-by-case basis. In addition, all activities must comply with applicable federal, state, and town laws and regulations. Violation of any of conditions, rules or regulations may result in the demand that the activity be closed and/or terminated immediately.
  6. The Innkeeper may require evidence of casualty and liability insurance for each organized activity at the Innkeeper’s discretion. In such instances, proof of insurance shall be evidenced by an appropriate certificate, listing The Wayside Inn as an additional named insured.
  7. In general, for any organized event, the organizer must enter into a contract or other agreement (function contract, event agreement, license agreement, etc.) to formalize any and all of the policies set forth herein as well all details concerning the approved activity (date, time, location, other terms and conditions).
  8. At the conclusion of any activity, the organizer may be responsible, at the Innkeepers direction, to remove and/or dispose of all trash, equipment, and other personal property promptly upon conclusion of the activity. In all cases, the property used by the organizer must be restored to its original condition prior to the activity.
  9. Longfellow’s Wayside Inn and The Wayside Inn are valuable trademarks of The Wayside Inn Foundation. Any use of the names, logos, and other design materials associated with The Wayside Inn Foundation are restricted and may only be used with the express written permission of the Innkeeper only. In the absence of approved use of names, logos, and other design materials associated with The Wayside Inn Foundation, all press releases, pamphlets, on-line media, and other literature or materials advertising or publicizing the activity and using the name of The Wayside Inn or Longfellow’s Wayside Inn shall (a) be reviewed by the Innkeeper in advance of the activity and (b) shall be limited to using the name and address of The Wayside Inn for purposes of identifying the location of the activity. At no time shall The Wayside Inn or Longfellow’s Wayside Inn names, logos or other trademarks be used in the promotion of an event or otherwise used in a manner that implies sponsorship, affiliation, or advocacy on behalf of an organizer or its cause, unless such use has been approved in writing by the Innkeeper or the Board of Trustees.
  10. For publicized events, all advertisements and announcements must include the words “This event is being held at The Wayside Inn property under agreement with The Wayside Inn Foundation, but is not a Wayside Inn affiliated event.”
  11. In making decisions about use of The Wayside Inn property by the Innkeeper and the Nonprofit Director, good judgment should be exercised to consider the proposed activity, keeping in mind the historic nature of the property and The Wayside Inn Foundation’s clear mission. Every effort should be made to avoid permitting any activity on the property, even if fee-based, if it might be viewed as off-mission, controversial, incompatible, or simply inappropriate for The Wayside Inn Foundation. Where there is any question or doubt, the Innkeeper must consult the Board of Trustees before making any formal arrangement for the proposed activity to obtain approval. The Wayside Inn grounds are private property, and The Wayside Inn Foundation reserves all rights concerning permissible and impermissible activities on its property.
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