Legendary Tales. Timeless Reward.

Legendary Tales. Timeless Reward.


  • Dining room and Lodging room images: © 2019 Mary Prince Photography. Contact: mary@maryprincephotography.com. Used with permission under license.
  • Home page inn exterior approach and interior video clips: By Shervin Hawley, © 2019 The Wayside Inn Foundation.
  • Home page aerial drone video clips (Chapel, Grist Mill, Inn), and wedding banner images on wedding landing page image: © 2019 Path Wedding Films d/b/a Path8 Productions.pathweddings.com Contact: pat@pathweddings.com.  Used with permission under license.
  • Home page aerial drone video clips (Longfellow's Wayside Inn, Colonial Faire) By Vincent Fortunato © 2019 The Wayside Inn Foundation
  • Your Visit page banner painting: © 1997 Christopher Gurshin. ChristopherGurshin.com Used with permission under license.
  • Discover page, Our Story page, "Paul Revere" horseman (special thanks to David C. Loda, rider) photo: © 2019 Paige Gilbert Goldfar Contact: pgilbertgo@aol.com, Used with permission under license.
  • Functions page: 2019 Paws in the Park banner photo © 2019 Save a Dog, Inc. Used with permission under license.
  • All other images or videos: ©2019 The Wayside Inn Foundation or used with permission under license.


The Wayside Inn (d/b/a The Wayside Inn Foundation and d/b/aLongfellow’s Wayside Inn) is a Massachusetts nonprofit organization formed in October1944 to preserve and operate the historic structures on our property forposterity, and to engage in scientific, educational and charitable purposes.The Wayside Inn owns and operates this website as an information resource forpublic use.

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