Legendary Tales. Timeless Reward.

Hospitality revenue alone is barely enough to sustain operations and preservation. We rely on grants and donations to fill the gap. Consider a donation today.

Revenue from our hospitality operations alone does not cover the increasing costs to maintain and preserve our historic property, purchase necessary archival supplies and equipment, and create our quality educational programs. The Wayside Inn Foundation does not receive funding from the town of Sudbury, the state, or any federal agency and it does not have an endowment. In addition to our revenue from operations, we rely on donations from individuals, corporate donors, and foundations and are grateful for the community’s response to our challenges. Consider a tax-deductible donation today. Your donation goes toward:

  • Preserving and restoring our historic buildings and grounds
  • Maintaining the Longfellow Memorial Gardens, walking trails, waterways, and fields
  • Developing and hosting educational and cultural programs and events
  • Protecting and improving public access to our archives and museum collections
  • Creating engaging educational materials and interpretive displays to connect the public to our rich history


You Can Make a Difference.

All donations to The Wayside Inn Foundation help ensure the preservation and enjoyment of this special place for years to come. Donations made to The Wayside Inn Foundation are used for general operating purposes, including deferred maintenance and facility costs, unless restricted for a specific purpose by a donor, or part of a fundraising campaign supporting identified strategic priorities. At the discretion of the Board of Trustees, the Board may choose to designate donations without donor restrictions that are subject to self-imposed limits on their use. Thank you.

To donate online using PayPal or a credit card simply click the “Donate” button below and complete the secure online giving form. To increase the impact of your gift you may want to consider a recurring monthly donation to ensure sustainability throughout the year. Please note, PayPal and credit card companies deduct a small processing fee from your donation.

If you would like to donate by mailing a check, checks may be made payable to The Wayside Inn Foundation and sent to:

The Wayside Inn Foundation
Attn: Director of Community Engagement
72 Wayside Inn Road
Sudbury, MA 01776

So that we may provide you with an acknowledgement of your donation, please include in the envelope your name, address, phone number and e-mail so that we can reach you.

A gift of appreciated securities may give you special tax benefits. First contact your tax representative to find out how to give a gift of stock to The Wayside Inn Foundation. Then contact The Wayside Inn Foundation office for details  at 1.978.295.1716 or email

If The Wayside Inn holds a special place in your memories, you can ensure that this historic site remains preserved for the future through a legacy gift by either creating a special trust or by remembering The Wayside Inn Foundation in your will. Bequests, charitable gift annuities, and charitable remainder trusts are some of the many ways to establish a legacy gift. Join with others who have guaranteed the long-term protection of the property, its collections, and its special events. We suggest consulting with an attorney or tax representative for specific information about estate planning.



Memorial and Honor donations are another way to recognize and pay tribute to someone for whom the Inn was special. When you make a memorial or honor gift you will receive a letter from TWIF acknowledging your donation. TWIF will also send notification to the family member whose loved one is being honored, so please be sure to indicate with your gift for whom the gift is honoring and to whom notification should be sent.

As The Wayside Inn Foundation is a nonprofit organization, it may be eligible for your employer’s corporate matching gifts program. Contact your company’s Human Resources Department to find out whether The Wayside Inn Foundation fits their matching program. Then send the appropriate matching gift forms to The Wayside Inn Foundation along with your donation via check or through Paypal. 

From the How(e)s to Edward Lemon to Henry Ford, The Wayside Inn’s owes its foundation and preservation to entrpreneurship. Contact us at 978.295.1716 or at to discuss how your company can support our mission.

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