General Property Use Policies for all Visitors.

Welcome to The Wayside Inn Historic Site, a private landmark property owned by The Wayside Inn Foundation, a Massachusetts nonprofit organization. Please respect our buildings and grounds and comply with our policies and staff requests at all times while on our property. We reserve the right to revoke any permissions granted or to request any visitor to leave the property.

To contact our staff, please call the Inn at 1.978.443.1776.

The Wayside Inn Foundation reserves the right to update or revise these General Property Use Policies and other applicable policies from time to time in its sole and absolute discretion without notice and with immediate effect, and may close public access to the property at any time due to seasonal constraints, maintenance, or private events. Enjoyment of our property and nature in general entails certain risks. Although we do our best to maintain our driveways, parking lots, trails, walkways, bridges and other features and structures on our property, there are many risks, some natural (weather, erosion, trees, wildlife, or other natural phenomena) and some man-made, that present themselves in the use of our property. Users assume full responsibility for their own actions and personal safety, as well as for those of any minor children or any pets, while using our property. Users of The Wayside Inn Foundation property assume all risks and agree to hold The Wayside Inn Foundation and its trustees, staff, volunteers, and program/event hosts harmless from any and all liability arising out of such use. The Wayside Inn Foundation is further protected against claims of personal injury or property damage suffered by visitors under M.G.L. c.21, Section 17(c).

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