Longfellow’s Wayside Inn and our main dining rooms, gift shop, lodging rooms, and restrooms are wheelchair/walker accessible. We ask our guests with wheelchairs or walkers to please enter using the rear ramp entrance at the right side the Inn (marked with handicap signs). An elevator off our main reception area can be used to access the second floor of the Inn (Ballroom, Museum Rooms, Jerusha Howe Gallery, and Lodging Rooms). Certain historic parts and older rooms of the Inn on both the first and second floors may not be accessible due to narrow doorways, large thresholds, and small steps. The Martha-Mary Chapel and Event Tent are wheelchair/walker accessible but do not have handicap accessible restrooms. We regret that due their historic nature, all other buildings on our property are not handicap accessible.

Additionally, with over 100 acres of grounds, enjoyment of our property and nature in general entails certain risks. Although we do our best to maintain our driveways, parking lots, trails, walkways, bridges, and other features and structures on our property, there are many risks, some natural (weather, erosion, trees, wildlife, or other natural phenomena) and some man-made, that present themselves in the use of our property. Users assume full responsibility for their own actions and personal safety, as well as for those of any minor children or any pets, while using our property. Users of The Wayside Inn property assume all risks and agree to hold The Wayside Inn Foundation and its trustees, staff, volunteers, and program/event hosts harmless from any and all liability arising out of such use. The Wayside Inn Foundation is further protected against claims of personal injury or property damage suffered by visitors under M.G.L. c.21, Section 17(c).

If you are impaired or require assistance with any inquiry through this website (including dining/room inquiries, wedding/function inquiries, event registration, or gift card purchases), we are here to help. Please call our front desk at 1.978.443.1776 for assistance. Thank you.

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