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The Wayside Inn is privately owned and managed by The Wayside Inn Foundation. Any events or functions not arranged or approved through The Wayside Inn Foundation or Longfellow’s Wayside Inn are prohibited and will be asked to leave the property. Thank you for your cooperation.

Photography and Videography on Our Property

The following terms and conditions apply to all photography and videography on The Wayside Inn property:

  1. Site Use Fees: All professional photographers must pay a site use fee of $25 (payable at the Front Desk at the Inn) or be active members of our Photographers Membership Program to take photographs/videos on our property. Receipts are available upon request.
  2. Compliance: The Wayside Inn Historic Site, which includes all our buildings and grounds, is a private, non-profit landmark property owned by The Wayside Inn Foundation and overseen by a Board of Trustees and a professional staff charged with closely monitoring  and enforcing the way in which the buildings and grounds are used by the visiting public. Please respect our buildings, grounds, rules, and policies at all times while on our property. We reserve the right to revoke any permissions granted for violation of our rules or policies or to request any visitor to leave the property.
  3. Scheduling: Our property’s historic appearance and natural landscape are viewed by many to be an attractive backdrop for professional photography/videography use, and we strive to balance that interest with those of the casual visitor as well as the expectations of parties with scheduled weddings and other events on our property. Any professional photography/videography session should be arranged or approved in advance with the Innkeeper to avoid any conflict with pre-arranged events or other sessions. Please contact the Innkeeper at 978.443.1776  or email to info@wayside.org.
  4. Priority Use: Our scheduled Chapel, Grist Mill, and Garden weddings and other scheduled events have priority to use buildings and grounds for photography/videography on the day of their event over any other sessions. Due to weddings and outdoor events on Saturdays from April through October, professional photography/videography is permitted only before 11:30 AM and after 6:30 PM. For any other time, we ask that you please not disrupt or interfere in any scheduled outdoor wedding or other event that may be taking place.
  5. Exterior Access Only: Unless a person is providing a service for a scheduled wedding or event using interiors of our buildings, all photography/videography is limited to the exteriors of buildings and our publicly accessible grounds unless prior written approval is given by the Innkeeper.
  6. Props: Small portable, removable props are permitted to be brought and used on our property but under no circumstance should any item be attached to any of our buildings or installed on our property. The Wayside Inn Foundation assumes no responsibility or liability for any items brought to, used, or left on our property.
  7. Drones: No aerial drone usage (for personal or professional use) is permitted at any time without the prior written/email approval of the Innkeeper (drones present privacy issues and disturb other guests and events happening on the property). Please contact the Innkeeper at 978.443.1776  or email to info@wayside.org to schedule. In all cases drone usage must comply with applicable laws.
  8. Copyrights and Trademarks: Persons who take photos or videos on our grounds or that include images of our buildings will acquire copyrights in their works in accordance with applicable laws. However, for any photograph/video that includes images of our buildings or grounds, the use of the names “The Wayside Inn” and/or “Longfellow’s Wayside Inn” may only be used with such works to identify a building or location in the title or description of that work. The names “The Wayside Inn” and “Longfellow’s Wayside Inn” are valuable and protected trademarks of The Wayside Inn Foundation, and no license or other rights are granted to any person under this policy to use such trademarks for purposes other than to identify a building or location in the title or description of a work. The manufacture, distribution, or sale of any product or merchandise with images of our buildings or grounds in combination with the use of our trademarks, tradenames, or logos is strictly prohibited without prior written agreement of The Wayside Inn Foundation. No party may use our  trademarks, tradenames, or logos or images of our buildings to endorse a product or service without prior written agreement of The Wayside Inn Foundation.
  9. Exclusions/Commercialization: These policies apply to all persons who (a) are asked, hired, or paid by third parties to take photographs or videos of persons/pets on our property as a service, or (b) take their own photographs or videos on our property (of buildings, landscape, features, events, etc.) for purposes of distribution, reproduction, promotion, or sale of resulting works. These policies do not apply to (i) commercial photography or videography where the photograph or video resulting from the session is to be used, in whole or in part, to promote a product or service (e.g., a photo shoot for a product advertisement, a television commercial, etc.), (ii) movie/film production and movie/film making using our buildings or on our property (e.g., major motion pictures, documentaries, short films, etc.), or (iii) photography or videography for any other purpose, all of which require prior written approval on terms and conditions to be negotiated and agreed in advance in writing with The Wayside Inn Foundation.
  10. Assumption of Risk: All photographers, videographers, their clients, and other visitors to our property assume all risks and agree to hold the The Wayside Inn Foundation, its trustees, and staff harmless from any and all liability or claims arising out of any access or use of the Wayside Inn buildings, grounds,or property. The Wayside Inn Foundation is further protected by M.G.L. c.21,Section 17(c). Professional photographers and videographers are responsible to ensure they are protected by their own insurance policies while working on our property.

Please e-mail info@wayside.org with any questions.

The following was adopted by adopted by the Board of Trustees April 27, 2016

The Wayside Inn Missing Property Amnesty Program

WHEREAS, it is acknowledged that over its 300 year history, items of historic, cultural, material or monetary value used or belonging to the Wayside Inn may have been improperly removed from the Inn or otherwise gone missing;

WHEREAS, these items are of considerable significance to the Inn and its history;

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees, on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Inn, desires to encourage the return of these items and does hereby enact the following “Wayside Inn Missing Property Amnesty Program”:

  1. The name of the program shall be the “Wayside Inn Missing Property Amnesty Program”.
  2. Under this program, any item of historic, cultural, material, or monetary significance that has been improperly (intentionally or unintentionally) taken or removed from the Wayside Inn, should be able to be returned to the Inn on a no-risk/no-names/no-questions asked basis.
  3. Although no questions will be asked upon return of such items, stories are welcome to illuminate the history of the item at the sole discretion of the person(s) returning the item.
  4. All items may be returned to the front desk at the Wayside Inn, or by delivery to the Innkeeper.
  5. All items received by the front desk staff shall be promptly delivered to the Innkeeper.
  6. In exchange for the safe return of any such items, the Wayside Inn waives all rights to pursue any legal claims or actions against the person(s) returning the items.
  7. All items returned to the Wayside Inn under this Program shall belong to the Wayside Inn without claim or interest of any other person.
  8. The Innkeeper shall deliver all returned items to the Archives Department for identification, and a report submitted to the Board detailing the significance of such items, so the Board may determine appropriate action with respect to each item.
  9. The Innkeeper is hereby authorized to accept the return of any item presented under this Program, and to take such action as necessary to publicize and promote this Program to fulfill its purpose
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