Weddings at the Wayside Inn and the Wayside Inn Historic Site

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  1. How do I book the Martha-Mary Chapel?
    The Martha-Mary Chapel is booked by the Function Office at the Inn. Call (978) 443-1776 option 2.
  2. How much does it cost to rent the Chapel?
  3. Is there a piano in the Chapel?
    No, the Chapel has an organ.
  4. How many people does the Chapel seat?
    The Chapel holds 150 people: 120 on the first floor and 30 in the balcony.
  5. Is the Chapel heated and does it have air conditioning?
    Yes, the Chapel is heated and it does have air conditioning.
  6. Can a Catholic priest perform a ceremony in the Martha-Mary Chapel?
    The Catholic Church does not permit Catholic priests to use the Chapel except in the case of Jewish/Catholic weddings.
  7. Can we take pictures in the Chapel?
    Pictures can be taken during the ceremony, but group pictures in the Chapel or in front of the Chapel are not allowed.
  8. Can we decorate the Chapel?
    Yes, the Chapel can be decorated. Please use the floral guidelines provided in your wedding package.
  9. How many people can the tent accommodate?
    We accommodate tent weddings up to 200 guests. Our tent site is located next to the Longfellow Garden overlooking Josephine Pond with beautiful weeping willow trees.
  10. What are the dimensions of the tent?
    The peaked, white tent is 40’ x 100’ and free of center poles.
  11. How many tent weddings do you hold at the Inn on a given day?
    We hold only one tent wedding per day.
  12. When are tent weddings available?
    Tent weddings are available from Mid-May through Mid-October.
  13. What are supplemental features available at an additional cost?
    Heat is provided in the Tent, during the cooler months, at the inn’s discretion. This is provided at no additional cost.  The following is available for additional fees: The Horse and Surrey. This is a wonderful way for the couple to get around the property as well as a great photo opportunity. The Garden is an option for Cocktail hour or Ceremonies (you will need to provide your own chairs for ceremonies)