A Visitor's Guide

Professional Photography Access

Professional Photography at the Wayside Inn Historic Site

  • The Wayside Inn Historic Site is a private, non-profit landmark property charged with closely monitoring the way in which the buildings and grounds are used by the visiting public. The buildings and grounds of the WIHS are copyright protected.
  • Chapel and Garden Weddings have priority to the grounds for photography on the day of their event.
  • Due to Weddings and outdoor events on Saturdays from April through October, the grounds can be used for professional photography only before 11:30am and after 6:30pm. For any other day we ask that you please be mindful to not be disruptive to any outdoor event that may be taking place.
  • The WIHS's rustic appearance and natural landscape is viewed by many to be an attractive backdrop for commercial use, and we strive to balance that interest with those of the casual visitor as well as the expectations assumed by parties who schedule private events, such as weddings and other group celebrations.
  • We kindly request that any Professional Photographers leave us a $25 minimum donation per session to assist with the costs of maintaining the property. This can be given to the Front Desk at the Inn or left in the donation box in the Gristmill. We can give a receipt upon request.

Please e-mail info@wayside.org with any questions. Parties not listed on the Inn's Event Forecast will be asked to leave the premises. Thank you for your cooperation.