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A Beautiful Wayside Day

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Find a moment of peace today: Watch a day at the Wayside Inn unfold.

With a fresh coat of paint, Martha Mary looks gorgeous as she reigns over our property. It is thanks to our generous community, and donors to the Historic Preservation Fund, that a moment like this can exist. A special thank you for the incredible work goes to Alex Emmanuele. Accompanied alongside music by Drew Barefoot, our historic bliss has been captured beautifully and in such a unique way. Anyone who has walked our property is aware of the comfort it brings, but to see it so wonderfully portrayed through video is magic. So take a moment, and breathe.

Remember that we here at the Wayside Inn are more than excited to share this classic New England escape with you. 

Come enjoy living history and a place to appreciate the silences all around. 

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