About America's Oldest Inn

Our Reenactor Friends

The Inn appreciates the involvement of the following community organizations who regularly come to the Inn either for historic activities, special events, or to work with the Inn on special projects.

The Sudbury Companies of Militia & Minute

The Sudbury Companies of Militia & Minute are historical interpreters of the Colonial Period, specifically for the American Revolution durring 1775 in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

They preserve American heritage and educate the public through reenactments, performances, speaker events, a monthly muster, a Colonial Faire, parades, and other educational, fun events. Check out the reenactment, The Battle Of The Red Horse Tavern, here. The Sudbury Companies of Militia & Minute meet on the 1st Monday of each month (except July and August) at 8 pm at Longfellow's Wayside Inn to conduct group business and listen to historical presentations from guest speakers who are experts in a wide range of domestic and military colonial matters.We invite you to partake in these free and public meetings. To stay informed about these Musters sign up at www.sudburyminutemen.org/phplist.php.

The Fourth Middlesex Regiment

A living history group dedicated to public education about the Revolutionary War era (1770–1780). Closely affiliated with the Sudbury Companies of Minute and Militia, the Regiment has held re-enactments on the Wayside Inn property. The Fourth Middlesex Regiment originally included nine companies with over 1,000 men from Sudbury, Marlboro, and Stow. Innkeeper Colonel Ezekiel How served as its commander from 1776 to 1779.

The King’s Own Regiment

 A group of living historians portraying the lives of His Majesty's Light infantry soldiers and their families during the American War for Independence. They were one of only two Companies of
British Infantry on Lexington Green and then at the Old North Bridge in Concord we suffered the first British casualties of the war. Visit their website www.kingsown.net

The Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie

Founded in 1964, The Sudbury Ancient Fyfe & Drum Companie is a teaching fife and drum corps dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the musical traditions of early America. During the summer months, the corps performs at 8PM on Wednesday evenings on the lawn outside the Inn for guests, and year-round the Ancients perform in parades, reenactments, fife and drum musters, and other events large and small around the Massachusetts and greater New England area. In conjunction with the Sudbury Companies of Militia & Minute, the corps hosts the musical portion of the annual Colonial Faire & Muster held on the Inn’s grounds on the last Saturday in September, which features over 20 fife and drum corps throughout the afternoon. As a teaching corps, the Ancients heartily welcome anyone over age ten interested in learning fife, snare or bass drum to get in touch. Free lessons are available on Wednesday evenings all year during corps practice time and no musical background is required.

Please visit our website www.sudburyancients.org or contact deirdre.sweeney@hotmail.com for more information.

The Molly Cutthroats

Female re-enactors focusing on women in the 18th century. These woman did such a wide variety of things and we want to bring this richness to our hobby. From learning to use weapons to defend our homes, to researching and portraying women as they were in all ways of life, we hope to bring a more vibrant and realistic portayal of women to the Revolutionary War re-enactment hobby. We cant be defined by any one activity, so we define ourselves as women who want to have fun, be safe, be inclusive and non judgemental, and make some great friends. Come Join us!



Old North Bridge Hounds

The Old North Bridge Hounds (ONBH), established in 1969, is one of 11 hunt clubs in New England. ONBH is registered with the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA), and is run in accordance with the standards and guidelines set forth by the MFHA.

ONBH engages in drag hunting, not live foxhunting. While the hunt is based on the traditions, etiquette, and dress of foxhunting, the people who comprise this group are relaxed, informal and friendly. We love horses, hounds, the outdoors, and a good time. We invite you to attend!